Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Selling Gold Wholesale - Quick Cash

Recently, people have been selling their unwanted gold wholesale to create some extra income, and thus the selling price of gold has hit record highs. If you are intrigued by the possibly of learning the value of your old gold jewelry or fragments of gold pieces left from damaged and broken jewelry and even gold fillings, then read on to learn some important ways to ensure you will receive the highest price you can get, without being taken for a ride.

Before you do begin the process, make sure you know the current value or gold per troy ounce. A troy ounce is slightly more than the standard ounce used in cooking. A troy ounce is used when weighing precious gemstones and metals, such as when fine metals, gold and diamonds are bought and sold. Gold prices are determined using the standard of a troy ounce, so knowing the current price can give you the confidence you need to compare and select the best price for precious metals and stones that you may come across.

Choose a buyer or wholesaler that makes their living purchasing all types of gold and jewelry. This is preferred, since you may have gold items of differing types. As a general rule, most gold wholesale buyers want gold that is above 14 karat, so know what you have before you go to a wholesaler. Having gold that is less than 14 karat may result in not being able to sell your pieces. Class rings are more often than not only 10 karat gold. It is important to choose a company that has the ability to buy more than wholesale 14k gold; they should be able to handle from 24 karats on down to 8 karats, for the best results.

Remember that selling your gold wholesale should not be a high pressure affair. A company that buys wholesale gold jewelry should never force you into selling gold items you believe have more value than their offering price. A good company will give you a price only after they have seen the items and won't demand you accept a price over the telephone. Accepting or rejecting the offer to sell is of course, your choice.

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