Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buying Gold - A Great Investment

Pure gold that is bought and sold for investment is called gold bullion. Pure gold is considered to be made up of 99.99% gold. You may wonder why it is called "pure" when the percentage is not 100%. At 99.99%, you are still getting pure gold because there is actually no such thing as 100% pure gold.

If someone tries to convince you otherwise, then you know for sure that he or she is not telling you the truth. You never know when small details like this may help you in the future. Buying gold is a safe and stable investment.

Typically, bullion is smelted into gold bars or gold coins. In times of inflation and recession, it is a commodity that investors use as a form of security. You may consider buying bullion as an investment. Especially during times of financial crisis, it is better than any other form of investment. There are still many things you can learn about gold investing.

Another quality a gold bar must have to be considered bullion is to have its content of gold and purity stamped on it. Bullion will have numbers on it that indicate its purity. A bar that is made of pure gold will have 999.99 or 99.99% and will be 24 karat gold.

It will also show how much gold it contains in troy ounces or grams. A troy ounce equals 31.1034768 grams. Alternatively, a gold coin does not always have to be 99.99% or 24K to be considered bullion; some gold bullion coins have gold plus an additional alloy of copper or silver. Buying gold is the best investment you can make.

Considered by many to be the best form of currency, gold has been used as a form of money for buying goods since ancient times. Bullion is actually money in the form of gold and you can use it anywhere in the world, since it is universally accepted.

You either buy it or sell it for whatever its current market value is at the time. When buying gold, the best time to invest is when the market price is down. As the price begins to rise, you can sell your gold for a nice little profit.

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